Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

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Our Mission.

We purpose to glorify God through Holy Spirit-guided counsel, evangelism, prayer, and championship, which will lead to an individual's Greater Portion of heavenward emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being and wholeness.

An Invitation from God

What To Expect.

As you are warmly welcomed into our practice, your sessions will be prayerfully and carefully customized according to your confidential intake forms, your psychotherapy goals, and your needs as they arise in your sessions. Dr. Gladness offers Christian counseling models and techniques into your sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People from all walks of life and backgrounds are welcome into my practice with an open mind, an open heart, and open arms. A true Christian does not act in religious judgment but with mercy and love and has an everlasting hope for your personal healing and victorious living.

A Christian therapist has the backing of the Holy Spirit, who ushers in the greatest power of healing available on earth and in heaven. God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit form the holy trinity. A Holy Spirit-led therapy session is infused with His tangible, loving, supernatural presence. There is no other experience or truth like it. The spiritual and emotional freedom available from God feels like a continuous stream of refreshment that helps put out the fires of life and soothes your soul. This Godly freedom produces the confidence needed to walk out a thankful, secure, purpose-filled life; the power to forgive, bless, and be an overcomer in all types of life battles and situations; and the grace to most abundantly love God, who you are in the special and unique way that God has made you, and love others well.

Christians believe that when Jesus was nailed to the cross in his death, their sins were also nailed to the cross. Therefore, whenever God sees us, He sees the righteousness of His son instead of the stain of our sin and we are able to approach an intimate relationship with God without shame or guilt. We also believe that Jesus was resurrected by the Holy Spirit from his death and that we were also resurrected to a new, eternal life that starts here on earth and extends into heaven. The Bible continuously points to a God who knows and loves each and every one of us and ardently pursues a one-on-one relationship with us. There’s absolutely nothing that we can think or do that is or has been “so bad” that it disqualifies us for this relationship, or makes God change His mind about us or causes Him to abandon us. Jesus welcomed murderers, prostitutes, liars, and others into a friendship with Him without hesitation. There is no one “too unlovable” to receive His love. Christianity is based on this relationship with God who receives us, frees us, redefines us, and blesses us in our God-given callings and dreams.

Services & Treatment.

At Greater Portion Ministries, we specialize in Christian Counseling. We provide an integrative clinical approach combining mainstream counseling modalities, Christian counseling, inner healing and deliverance. Please inquire to schedule an in-office or online appointment.

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