An Invitation from God delivered by Greater Portion Ministries

One of God’s names is Jehovah Rapha, which means the Lord who heals, restores, and makes healthful. It’s one of His many wondrous attributes available to us today. It says in scripture that as we draw near to God, He will draw near to us (James 4:8). It’s a loving promise that God makes. When we draw near to God and He draws near to us, so does His power to heal us from our wounding, sufferings, brokenness, addictions, and other areas of darkness. God’s nature and desire for your healing is a tremendous gift.

As God starts leading you through His gentle process of healing, you will also embark on a miraculous, life-changing journey of discovery with Him. You will gain clarity on how to hear His voice, direction, and will for your life and how to most joyfully develop your God-given identity, gifts, and abilities. Your eyes will be opened up to see God working meaningfully through and around you. Your mind will be transformed and awakened by Godly wisdom and discernment. In the midst of worldly troubles or obstacles, you will stand strong in your faith and believe for greater breakthroughs, victories, and celebrations.

While God is called blessed names like Jehovah Rapha, do you know that He calls you blessed names too? In scripture, God calls you Beloved, Chosen, Friend, Masterpiece, Heir, Temple of the Holy Spirit, Citizen of Heaven, Wonderfully Made, and more. God is extending a holy invitation for you to step into everything He has created and called you to be. It is the honor and privilege of this ministry to follow God’s leading to help you heal, to more deeply and fully understand your relationship with God, and unwrap the treasure of your Greater Portion.

About Rev. Meillanny Gladness, Psy.D., Ph.D.

Rev. Dr. Meillanny Gladness is an N.C.A.A. Licensed Christian counselor and a registered psychological associate under licensed clinical psychologist, Michele Willingham (#PSY15849). She is blessed with a supportive husband and two children. Her credentials are listed below. She holds Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) from California Southern University and a Doctor of Clinical Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary.

Academic Training:

  • Psy.D., Doctor of Psychology, California Southern University, summa cum laude (2023)
  • Ph.D., Clinical Christian Counseling, Colorado Theological Seminary, summa cum laude (2019)
  • MBA, Webster University, with an emphasis in Management & Leadership (2011)
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Science, with an emphasis in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (2009)

Vocational & Professional Training and Credentials:

  • Registered Psychological Associate (License #PSB94027169) supervised by licensed clinical psychologist, Michele Willingham (#PSY15849)
  • N.C.C.A. Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Advanced Certification (License # 19730) (2019)
  • N.C.C.A. Advanced Certification in Crisis and Abuse Therapy (2019)
  • N.C.C.A. Certified Temperament Counselor (2019)
  • S.A.C.C. Professional Clinical Member (2019)
  • Trained in Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy Training, Rosenzweig Center for Rapid Recovery Accelerated Resolution Therapy (2019)
  • Certified in Deep Inner Healing and Deliverance, Hearts Set Free & Kraft Ministries (2016)

Christian Ministerial Credential:

  • Ordained Minister of the Gospel, PCAI Clergy Association (2017)

Services & Treatment.

At Greater Portion Ministries, we specialize in Christian Counseling. We provide an integrative clinical approach combining mainstream counseling modalities, Christian counseling, inner healing and deliverance. Please inquire to schedule an in-office or online appointment.

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